Webcomic Wednesday – 5/18/22

Hey, everyone. I thought for this #WebcomicWednesday we’d take a look at a couple of Kickstarters that are going on by talented comic creators and that I’d share a couple of comic podcasts that I personally enjoy.

Don’t forget to check in on the topic of the week if you haven’t and the comic share thread to promote your comic or find a new one to read! You can also follow my list of Comics on Twitter which currently includes over 1.7k creators. (Give or take some dead accounts I’m sure.)

Also, if you’re making comic related posts today, don’t forget to use the #WebcomicWednesday hashtag where applicable. Let’s make this a reoccurring day for people to discover new reads!

Webcomic Kickstarters

Sacrimony #1-4: A High Fantasy Tale of Dysfunctional Gods
Sacrimony is a fantasy comic by Matta Sorcier. We’ve covered it before on Discover Comics here, and had a talk with Matta here. If you’re looking for a comic that has a big focus on characters and world building, then you should give Sacrimony a shot. There are catch-up tiers if you’re new to the series. Matta’s past kickstarters for Sacrimony have been successful and as a backer I can say that she delivers great rewards!

Usual Haunts #1 – A NSFW slice of life comic about vampires
Usual Haunts is a new comic by Mariah Currey. We linked to one of Mariah’s previous comics, Rainy Day Dreams here. Unlike that comic, Usual Haunts is Not Safe For Work, so if you’re looking for a spicy read this one might be for you. The campaign has already reached it’s goal, so you know it’s going to be successful and there are also stretch goals and add-ons if you’re looking for more of Mariah’s fantastic art!

Maiden in Disguise Anime Shorts, Mini Manga, and Merch!
If you like your webcomics animated then check out Bitsy Tandem‘s Kickstarter. Bitsy’s got four panel comics, digital animations, and more based on characters from their comic Maiden in Disguise. Head to the campaign page, get acquainted with the characters and see if it’ll become your new favorite.


Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar talk comic shop and answer reader questions. With decades of comic experience they are both knowledgeable and entertaining. I personally think this is the best comics related podcast out there you could be listening too if you want to improve your understanding of the art and business of comics! ComicLab can be found on Patreon, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast services.

Screen Tones
Screen Tones is another high quality comic podcast by a group of webcomic creators! Episodes each cover a theme with various creators weighing in with their experience on that particular topic. You can listen on Spotify or iTunes and they also have a Discord server if you’re looking to hang out and chat.

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