Webcomic Wednesday – 10/12/22

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Leif & Thorn Volume 5

“Leif & Thorn is an original, LGBTQ-centric, fantasy webcomic, about a magic knight trying to have a romance in his second language.

This book picks up with our title characters finally kinda-sorta together! It doesn’t make the murder/lockdown/prophecy parts of the plot go any more smoothly, but it sure makes them happy.”

Bigfoot Knows Karate Chapter 2

“The high-octane, two fisted tale of BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE continues! Think Godzilla v Kong meets Kill Bill with a twist of Lost.”

The Alchemist of Aurillia #1-3

“Welcome to a world of vengeful witches, powerful djinn, and lost history with an Ottoman-Turkish twist! Nuriye and her familiar Shale lived peaceful lives in the kingdom of Denilara, learning magic under the royal wizard Master Ekber. But all that changed when the palace was invaded by two mysterious creatures…”

Pacifica: Birds of a Feather

“Two jay folk siblings happen upon an unconscious young man in the forest while traveling. Who is this young man and should they help him?”

Pacifica: Birds of a Feather on Kickstarter

Writing Tips

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Art Tips

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