A list of video resources related to comics.

Bobby Chiu
This channel leans toward illustration and cartooning.

Brad Guigar’s YouTube
Find Webcomics Confidential and video versions of ComicLab here. Great for various webcomic related tips and advice.

Brookes Eggleston – Character Design Forge
As the name implies, this channel focuses on character design.

Cartoon Art Museum Facebook Page Videos
Videos regarding a number of comic creation topics.

Color with Kurt
A channel with lots of tutorial videos on coloring comics.

DIY COMIX FAQ with G. E. Gallas
Webcomic artist G. E. Gallas discusses various comic topics.

Draw with Jazza
Drawing, animation, and software tutorials, plus other content.

e r g o j o s h
Instructional art videos.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writing Lectures by Brandon Sanderson
Writing lectures given at BYU by Brandon Sanderson.

How to Print Ashcan Comics
A tutorial by George Alexopoulos on printing ashcan comics at home.

Indie Comics Relay
A YouTube channel featuring advice and interviews revolving around Indie comics.

Jake Parker
Comic related content by an illustrator, cartoonist, and concept artist.

Marc Brunet
A YouTube channel with various art tutorials by a professional artist & teacher.

McKay & Gray
Two comic co-creators who talk about issues surrounding the production of a comic.

A YouTube podcast featuring interviews with various comic creators.

This channel seems to focus largely on classical drawing techniques.

Strip Panel Naked
A YouTube channel examining how and why certain aspects of comic pages work. Great for hints at how to improve your own work.

Spiderforest Webcomic Podcast
A YouTube version of the Spiderforest podcast.

Stephen Silver
Videos on character design and cartooning.

A variety of art advice presented by a professional illustrator.

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