News & Marketing


Places to find comic news on the web.

Comic Book Resources
Mainstream comic book news.

Comicadia Herald
News and articles related to webcomics.

The Comics Journal
Reviews, articles, etc. Covers more indie type comics than mainstream superheroes.

Webcomics blog.

Ink, Sweat, and Tears
Comic list and interviews with creators.

WebComic Network
Reviews, articles, interviews.


Places where you can run ads for your site, sell ad space, or otherwise market your site.

ComicAd Network
Buy or sell ad space for your comic.

This site can act as a paywall for your content which will help you monetize your comic. It’s also a place where you can communicate with your fan community.

Top Web Comics
A site where readers can vote for their favorite comics. Not a bad place to get a little exposure if you can crack the top 200.

Also see the Comic Lists page for places to list your comic.

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