Genre Dive: Non-Fiction (Peeking In Someone Else’s Journal)

This week’s roundup is non-fiction! I realize this would include more than just diary comics, however that’s what I found in my search, so please enjoy the work of these creators!

The Devil’s Panties by Jennie Breeden
“The Devil’s Panties is a daily comic strip which doubles as my not-so-secret, mostly-true diary.”

The Devil's Panties by Jennie Breeden

Rooster Tails by Sam Orchard
“Rooster Tails is a weekly autobio webcomic exploring the life of a geeky transguy in New Zealand.”

Rooster Tails by Sam Orchard

How Baby by Lindsay Ishihiro
“How Baby is a comic about motherhood, geekiness, feminism, gaming, and doing it all on the Internet for everyone to see.”

How Baby by Lindsay Ishihiro

Boumeries by Boum
“Boumeries is mostly about [Boum’s] life sharing a flat with her programming partner Pierre-Luc and their daughters Margot and Annette, working at home, juggling with everyday chores and drawing, and having absurd dreams in the meantime.”

Boumeries by Boum

Tillie Walden
“A collection of recent diary comics.”

Art by Tillie Walden

Bonus! 3 Instagram Accounts With Diary Comics

lizyerby (Twitter: @lizyerby)
skyfallscomics (Twitter: @_justceleste)
joedecie (Twitter: @joedecie)

And that concludes our look into non-fiction for this week. Please make sure to follow and support any artists you enjoyed on their social media.

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