Genre Dive: Fantasy (Portals Into Other Worlds)

This week the audience has chosen Fantasy comics! Below are five comics that will show you glimpses of other places and times. Be sure to follow the creators on social media and leave them some comments about what a fantastic job they’re doing!

Cunning Fire by Kaz Rowe
“Cunning Fire is an urban fantasy story about witches and spirits in modern day Chicago. After they discover her ability to see Spirits, a local coven recruits Akiva Stein to be their Death witch in their quest to create the legendary Elixir of Life. Along the way, Akiva is confronted by strange creatures, the worlds of the Astral plane, and the horrible realities of past events, forcing her to face her own abilities and flaws and how they will shape her future.”

Cunning Fire by Kaz Rowe

Saffron and Sage by Daniel Kelly, Carlos Ruiz, & others.
“Saffron Saldarriaga’s crush has been kidnapped! Together with her trusty pet-slash-mentor Sage, a large axe, and an inept guide, she sets out to rescue him from the evil nymph Milk. But with no idea where Milk is, and a recurring assassin problem, she’s got her work cut out for her.”

Saffron and Sage by Daniel Kelly & Carlos Ruiz

Year In Hereafter by Mikael Hankonen
The story takes place in three parallel universes: Our modern world as we know it; The Deathrealm “Tuonela”, an enigmatic borderless realm that dwells in the middle; Then finally “Kalevala”, a landmass populated by an oldfashioned nation right out of a storybook.

Year In Herafter doesn’t repeat the events of the traditional Kalevala-epic to the letter, but portrays a portion of them, featuring a couple of its heroes and villains.

It tells the story of the three Heroes. These three heroes are lads from our own earth, two with shamanistic abilities and one completely regular city fella, and how they find their new identities on this dangerous unearthly journey.

On the opposite side of them, they have the Nine Diseases guarding their true and final target, Loviatar.”

Year In Hereafter by Mikael Hankonen

Terrafold by Kirseel
“The world is quite literally falling apart. With ever increasing amounts of land collapsing into the water, the search for answers leads to a secretive group of people who can seemingly travel through dirt and time.

Terrafold is a coming of age story about old mysteries, ancient lore, and healing.”

Theia Mania by Li Österberg
“Stories from the everyday life of the Greek pantheon—if the gods had been ordinary people, well, almost ordinary.”

Theia Mania by Li Österberg

And that is our romp through wild worlds of comics this week! Tune in next time for Non-Fiction comics!

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Tait is an artist from northern California who spent a lot of time wandering the forests of Humboldt County growing up. He has a BA in Art from Cal Poly Humboldt. In addition to running ITS Comics, he also creates a fantasy adventure comic called Pacifica.