Genre Dive: Horror (Or 5 Comics for Your Reading Discomfort)

Note: I have provided content warnings when the comics have presented them. Unmarked comics may also contain disturbing material as I have not completely read these comics. Proceed at your own risk.

Comedy of the Carrion Angels
“Jewish occult comic about a warlock trying to understand the origins of his awful father, while avoiding parenthood.”
Content Warning: Vulgar language, sexual content, nudity, and violence.

Comedy of the Carrion Angels. Art by Smoking Sheep

Not Drunk Enough
“A quick repair at a huge corporate lab during a late night shift should not have sent Logan into a hellish landscape fraught with monsters, but it looks like Lady Luck decided to give him the middle finger. Logan would like to give one back.”

Not Drunk Enough by Tess Stone

Soul to Call
“The world has never been the same since the Fall. Over two thirds of the human population are dead, otherworldly abominations wander the ruins, and the occult runs rampant.
In hopes of salvaging the only scrap of family remaining in her life, aloof courier Avril seeks an Anathema, a creature rumored to have the abilities that she’ll need if she wishes to be reunited with her blood.”
Content Warning: Vulgar language, violence, blood and gore, self-harm, suicide, depictions of death, body horror, guns and gun violence, alcohol use, physical abuse, and mental abuse. [Whew! That’s quite a list.]

Soul to Call by Katherine Lang

Undead Friend
“Orrick Heretis was living an average high school life until a cute ghost girl named Mahalah appeared before him requesting to become his friend. When Orrick agreed neither of them knew they were entering a deadly game called Undead Friend. Now Orrick and Mahalah must lead double lives, killing monsters for points in order to not disappear. Along they way they befriend Wylie and his ghost Brigger, who help them navigate their new world.”

Undead Friend by NJ Huff and Orion Gates

“A surreal psychological story involving a boy grappling with internal conflicts and a fate otherworldly in origin; shed alight by his doppelganger.”

Seluda by Cooks

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Tait is an artist from northern California who spent a lot of time wandering the forests of Humboldt County growing up. He has a BA in Art from Cal Poly Humboldt. In addition to running ITS Comics, he also creates a fantasy adventure comic called Pacifica.