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Discover Comics!

This site is intended to be a resource for both comic readers and comic creators to find useful information pertaining…

Magnetic North by Kat Gemmill
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Magnetic North

Creator: Kat GemmillURL: Synopsis“Magnetic North is a comic about being alive. Really. That’s it. No dragons, no robots, no…

Lady Changeling by Eilidh McNeil.
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SpaceladyArt in 50 Questions or Less

Today we chat with Eilidh McNeil, aka SpaceladyArt. Be sure to check out the links provided and follow the comic!…

Wow: New stuff on the site!
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October Update

Graphic Novels Tell the Story of David Bowie, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Jean-Michel Basquiat & Other Artists and Thinkers 7…

Promotion: Finding new ways to get your comic seen.
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Comic Promotion: YouTube Streamers

Looking for a way to get your comic seen? Try checking out these YouTube streamers who promote other people’s projects!…

Talk About Work
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Speaking About Your Work

Something I’ve noticed is that many artists seem to have a hard time talking about themselves or their work. How…

Here We Are by Dirchansky
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Dirchansky in 50 Questions or Less

Today we catch up with Dirchansky, creator of Here We Are. They had plenty of links to share, so be…

Royal by BobbyJoeX
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BobbyJoeX in 50 Questions or Less

Today we have responses from BobbyJoeX who creates the comic Royal among other things. Learn about the artist, then be…

Wow: New stuff on the site!
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September Update #1

As you’ve probably already noticed, the biggest update is the new WordPress theme! I think this is going to help…

Star Trip by Gisele Weaver
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Suggested Comic: Star Trip

Star Trip“Jas is fed up with living on Earth and makes a deal with a stranded shapeshifting alien to get…

alirezakarimimoghadam's art
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Vincent van Gogh Comics

Here’s an interesting look at comics about the life of Vincent van Gogh. You can find the artist on Instagram…