1001 Free Fonts
Pretty self explanatory. Pay attention to the usage guidelines though. Not all fonts can be used for commercial work. (This is typically true of any site offering free fonts. Make sure you know what you’re downloading.)

17 Top Tips to Create Your Own Typeface
Want to make your own font? Here’s some tips.

Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering
Need a font that you don’t have? There’s a wide selection here.

Comiccraft Fonts
Another site with a wide selection of professional fonts priced from $29 and up.

I cannot vouch for the quality of this site, but it is apparently an option for turning your own writing into a font.

Font Squirrel
A site offering links to free fonts. As with other free font sites, pay attention to the license for each font just to be safe.

Google Fonts
Is there anything Google doesn’t have?


GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, is a free image editing program that will work as a Photoshop substitute if you’re low on cash.

Another free Photoshop alternative.


10+ Tools to Use in Tandem with Patreon
A post from the official Patreon blog about tools that can help you improve your Patreon experience.
A tool for creating color schemes. Hit the space bar to generate a random pallet. Click a color to lock that color or use the various buttons to customize your pallet.

Female/Male Head Lighting Tools
These tools allow you to position lights around a low resolution head to use as a reference for drawing/painting. They’re not super intuitive, but potentially useful. You can pause the video to stop the movement of light and still be able to rotate the head.

Magic Poser Web
A basic, but potentially helpful free tool for drawing reference. You can pose multiple 3D figures and change the camera angle.

A tool for creating color schemes. Has buttons for creating random pallets or allows you to manipulate various settings yourself.

A 3D modeling app that is popular among artists. Requires you to sign-up for an account, but there is a free option.

Social Media

A social media tool for scheduling posts in advance to various platforms.

Another tool for setting up posts in advance for your social media and scheduling them at a later time.


Want to shop for supplies online, but don’t want to support Amazon? (Why you should use Amazon as little as possible.) Here are some alternatives.

BLICK Art Supplies

Blue Line Pro
I do not recommend their magazine. Often delayed and frequently full of typos. If you’re ordering supplies the experience may be better. I didn’t order anything else from them. If you’ve had good experiences with them let me know.

Jerry’s Artarama


Natural lighting for indoors.

Utrecht Art Supplies

Know of some tools that are handy for comic creators or readers that aren’t listed here? Let me know on any of Discover Comics’ social media accounts.

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