Here’s a new site showcasing comics. From the site’s FAQs:

“WebcomicsFeed is a webcomic publishing platform, whose aim is to showcase the work of online comic creators, while offering them a fun new way of engaging with comic fans!”

The following is from their Publishing Guidelines page:

“Are you a comic creator? We’d be happy to have you join us at WebcomicsFeed! There are two ways you can get your comic featured on our website:

  1. By having the comic’s RSS feed listed on our website. Your comic updates will not be hosted on WebcomicsFeed with this option. We will just link to the updates on your website/mirror.
  2. By hosting/publishing the comics on WebcomicsFeed.”

On a closer look at their guidelines, the hosting/publishing option is only available for short form comics currently, but it seems anyone can take advantage of the first option. My guess is that option #2 was included so that they could have bite-sized “one and done” type content in the page that people could consume without people leaving the site, but as of the moment there don’t seem to be many (any?) creators taking advantage of this.

Regardless, it seems like this site could be a win/win for comic creators and readers. Readers can check up on updates from favorites and possibly find some new reads as well. Take a look and see if it suits your needs: