Various resources for artists to improve their art. Includes both realistic and stylized drawing instruction.


Tips for Drawing Hair and Fur
Quick, single sheet showing the shapes of different kinds of hair and fur.


5 Tricks to Never Run Out of Ideas Again
Tips on generating and executing ideas.

The 8-step Guide to Creating and Publishing Your Own Comic Book
Don’t know where to start? This takes you through creating a comic step-by-step.

10 Free and Effective Ways to Promote Your Webcomic
Some of this info is outdated, but there are still some good tips here if you need a place to start.

10 Tips for Webcomics

Advice on Living the Creative Life from Neil Gaiman

Art Rocket
A site full of tips and tutorials for creating comics. Seems to be provided by Clip Studio Paint, but the tips are not software specific and can be used by anyone regardless of what tools you use.

Balloon Tales – Comiccraft’s Guide to Comic Book Lettering and Production
Articles, Interviews, and Tutorials.

Cartoon Art Museum Facebook Page Videos
Videos regarding a number of comic creation topics.

Chekhov’s Gun: What It Is And How To Use It Like A Pro
A writing article about the importance of items in a story and how/if they should be introduced.

Crash Course In Drapery
Tips on drawing folds in fabric.

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures
A site by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden devoted to learning more about reading, creating, and teaching comics.

Flow & the Eyelines
An article breaking down different aspects of a comic’s layout and how to move a reader’s eyes around the page.

How Do Webcomics Make Money?
A few basic tips on how to monetize your comic.

How to Draw for Storyboarding and Visual Storytelling
Tons of tips for stronger visuals.

How to Write Alt Text for Digital Comics
Tips on writing alt text to make your comics more friendly to the visually impaired.

How to Write A Press Release & Create a Press Kit for Your ComicBook, Kickstarter, or Other Event
Tips on what makes up a press release and press kit and how/why to use one.

How I Do Research For a Graphic Novel
Reimena Yee’s process for researching story ideas.

How I Outline a Graphic Novel
An article by Reimena Yee about how she uses the Onion Method for creating outlines.

I Want My Ten Dollars!
Some thoughts about how to make money from your comic.

Loglines and Taglines are Different and You Need Both for Your Novel [or Comic]
An article detailing the difference between loglines and taglines with an explanation of how they are used to promote a work.

Prepping Your Print From File to Finish
Some tips for getting better prints from your digital art files.

So, You Wanna Publish A Webcomic
A 5 part series of articles that will take you through downloading, installing and customizing WordPress and ComicPress to get your comic’s site ready.

Text and Balloons: 6 Advanced Techniques
Tips for the placement of your word balloons and text.

Tips for Creating Vertical Scrolling Webtoons
As per the title. Good information if you’re unfamiliar with the webtoon format. From Art Rocket.

Nice site featuring a number of design and illustration tutorials as well as coding and web design.

Webcomic Alliance – Tutorials
This site has a section of tutorials covering various topics.

Webpizza – Or How NOT to Market Your Comic


Bobby Chiu
This channel leans toward illustration and cartooning.

Brookes Eggleston – Character Design Forge
As the name implies, this channel focuses on character design.

Color with Kurt
A channel with lots of tutorial videos on coloring comics.

DIY COMIX FAQ with G. E. Gallas
Webcomic artist G. E. Gallas discusses various comic topics.

Draw with Jazza
Drawing, animation, and software tutorials, plus other content.

Editing Your Comics
A video by Brad Guigar.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writing Lectures by Brandon Sanderson
Writing lectures given at BYU by Brandon Sanderson.

How to Print Ashcan Comics
A tutorial by George Alexopoulos on printing ashcan comics at home.

Marc Brunet
A YouTube channel with various art tutorials by a professional artist & teacher.

McKay & Gray
Two comic co-creators talking about issues related to producing a comic.

This channel seems to focus largely on classical drawing techniques.

A variety of art advice presented by a professional illustrator.

Stephen Silver
Videos on character design and cartooning.