SpaceladyArt in 50 Questions or Less

Today we chat with Eilidh McNeil, aka SpaceladyArt. Be sure to check out the links provided and follow the comic!

1. Who are you?
Eilidh McNeil. (SpaceladyArt).

2. Where are you from?
South Yorkshire in the UK.

3. Introvert or extrovert?
Probably more introvert, but it depends.

4. What’s your sign? (Interpret this however you wish. Any system or a literal sign.)

5. Is the above sign accurate or not? How so?
Well I relate to many horoscope memes, so sure.

6. Pets. Do you have or would you like any?
One black cat called Dusty, he’s the best.

7. What are you currently working on?
Lady Changeling: A Gothic Aromance.
Lady Changeling by Eilidh McNeil.

8. What do you call your work and why? (Comic, webcomic, webtoon, graphic novel, etc.)
Usually comic or webcomic, just because that’s what I’ve always called them.

9. You have three to five words to convince me to read your work. What are they? (Bonus points if you can do it in fewer.)
Sweet art and vampires. [Can confirm sweet art.]

10. Are you working with anyone else on the above project? If so, who?

11. What comics or other projects have you worked on in the past?
I have a defunct fantasy webcomic called Terra Magica from years ago, and another light sci-fi/fantasy one called Gin and Tea that is on hiatus.

12. Do you have any formal art or writing education?
A little, but it’s all pretty recent and I’m mostly self taught.

13. What genres do you most enjoy when consuming entertainment?
Visual novels, games, comics.

14. What genre/s does your current work fall into?
Gothic horror, LGBTQIA+, historical, supernatural.

15. What tools do you use when making your comic?
A brush pen and fountain pen, copic markers. [Traditional tools. Impressive!]

16. What is the best beverage and/or snack while working on your comic?
Tea and/or wine, depending on the hour!

17. How long did you spend planning your project? Is this normal for you?
A few months I think, I don’t usually do much planning.

18. What is your favorite part of your comic?
Shading and getting to reread the completed pages.

19. What do you feel your strengths are as an artist?
Lighting and shadows, drawing nice hands.

20. What do you think your strengths as a writer are?
Creating characters that feeling authentic.

21. What do you want people to get from your work?
Whatever they like! Though inspiration would be cool.

22. How do you decompress when you need a break?
Talk to friends about other, sillier projects, go for a run, chill out with my cat.

23. What is your favorite dynamic between two or more characters in your story? Describe it briefly.
I quite like the caring but adversarial vibe between Lillian and V, it’s very sibling-y.

24. Why does the above dynamic appeal to you?
It’s fun to write.

25. Who do you think your audience is in no more than ten words?
Oh god Idk, mostly friends.

26. What, if anything, would you like to get from the/a comics community?
Friends, a sense of belonging. [Well, mission accomplished in the IST server then? 🙂]

27. What is the most important thing you’ve learned? (Comics related or otherwise.)
Don’t meet your heroes, and never give up.

28. You can hire anyone in the world to create an original soundtrack for your project. Who do you pick and why?
All the people who made the music for the VN Umineko, which is a huge inspiration to me. I already use music from it as mood music for my comic.

29. Early bird or night owl. Why?
Night owl, my sleep schedule is awful.

30. What is your favorite tabletop/board game?
I quite like Cluedo.

31. What is your favorite video game?
Currently Crypt of the Necrodancer.

32. Where can we find your work?
ComicFury, Webtoon and Tapas.

33. Do you have a Patreon, Ko-fi, or any other page you would like to point people to?
Yes! I’m “SpaceladyArt” on both sites. [Patreon. Ko-fi.]