Creator: DiggityDogDingo URL: http://project-roar.the-comic.orgTwitter: @DiggityDogDingoPatreon: Content Warning: Body Horror, Language Synopsis“Project-R.O.A.R is a weekly web-comic about the struggles and triumphs of 8 retired super soldiers.”

Genre Dive: Anthro

Anthropomorphism gives a non-human being or thing human characteristics. Online this is often shortened to anthro. Today our genre dive looks at comics where the main characters are non-human. Beyond…

Cosmic Dash

Creator: David DavisURL: https://www.cosmicdash.comTwitter: @hpkomicKo-Fi: Synopsis“Cosmic Dash is a webcomic with science fiction and space opera influences that updates every Saturday. The comic deals with a massive galaxy called…

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