Creator: DiggityDogDingo URL: http://project-roar.the-comic.orgTwitter: @DiggityDogDingoPatreon: Content Warning: Body Horror, Language Synopsis“Project-R.O.A.R is a weekly web-comic about the struggles and triumphs of 8 retired super soldiers.”


Creator: ErudenURL: @erudenedurePatreon: Synopsis“When Thea (she/her) – a human woman sent to a Home for Troubled Women/Girls – meets half-orc Noth (he/they,) it becomes harder to ignore…


Creator: Atomic PixiesURL: @atomic_pixiesPatreon: Synopsis“Unknown Natural Disasters?! Aliens in Nuevo Los Angeles?! Paranormal vlogger, Riley has a lot of questions about the world. When he discovers that his…

Ring Spell

Creator: Artem FictaURL: https://ringspell.comTwitter: @ArtemFictaKo-fi: Synopsis“Ring Spell is about a God of Creation who marries seven people to protect the Earth.”

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